Available 12:00 – 17:00

Club Siso A fresh and delicious sandwich composed of tender chicken, creamy Siso mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, golden egg, crispy bacon and melting mozzarella. 12.50
TANDOORI CHICKEN WRAP The Tandoori Chicken Wrap, a perfect combination of tandoori chicken, fresh raita sauce and an orange zest with a hint of chili for a unique culinary experience. 11.50
SISO HOTDOG Creole sausage and crispy onion in a soft brioche bun, complimented with the freshness of chimichurri sauce. 11.00
Siso Vegan Hotdog Siso vegan hotdog served with a soft brioche bun & vegan mayonnaise. 11.00
All prices are in EURO, IVA not included